live croupiers

Let’s meet the super cute team of live croupiers from Paf Casino, they’re making group photos and introducing themselves in the video below.

It’s important for any player to get a small intro of how  live dealers are, at Paf Casino for instance they all seem very cheerful and ready to help you have a great time. Playing live blackjack and live roulette is an experience which can often be improved by the quality of the live dealers approach. We believe it’s very important for croupiers to have a good interaction with users and a smooth speech, while guaranteeing a professional service. 

Bonus for all players
Wagering requirements: x29
Games allowed: All games, live blackjack, live roulette included
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Bonus code: not required


Bitcoin accepted Bitcoin accepted.
Mobile version available Mobile version available.

Free entertainment can be found at live casinos! We have, on one side, a room with players (male players, we must add) who find their way to winnings while playing live dealer games (sexy live dealers, we must add!). This is a killer combo! We have beauty and real cash games, adding some fun spice. Daisy here doesn’t impress the guys, but Cheryl seems to have a powerful effect, especially since she gives the guys big winning shots! Feeding with cash flowing moments, indulge into live dealer casino games and enjoy the clapping! Oh yes, boys, you’ve done it!

He said “red” on live roulette, and this was a foundation of their relationship. “Red” is the color of love, of passion, he said. So the player went with it. And won. At first at least.

We present you with a good vibes relationship between a live dealer and a very famous live dealer troll.

You win, you lose, and sometimes this happens. But we love the live games thrill and definitely the connection between players and live dealers in this case.

PS. We heard Andy had been fired, we’ll get back with more relevant info ;)

Spending a lot of time online, playing live dealer games…people will end up bonding. How do people bond? Usually by gossiping. Which we appreciate, of course!

Here’s Henry revealing some secrets about one of his colleagues, interesting stuff! Engaging in live dealer casino games is becoming similar to keeping up with the Kardashians…

Stay tuned for more!

Strange fellow this one….

Now, we admit we don’t fully understand what he’s saying there (there is a partial translation, but…missing dots too), what we did figure out is that it seems he decided to spice up his live dealer experience!

How exactly? Well, he took things ad literam and actually took off his shoe and placed it on the table while “changing the shoe”.

How inspiring, right? We’re wondering if this is part of a training that live croupiers are having. Like phase two of training “how to engage with your audience and make up for their losses?”, answer: “When you say change the shoe, you really do change the shoe!

People seem to be having fun nonetheless, which we value the most!


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